The tell-tale signs that it’s time to rewire!

June 11th, 2019

rewiring a house by Sydney electricians

Whether you are simply superstitious or just a little suspicious about the supernatural, that flickering light at the bottom of the hallway stairs may be a sign of every homeowner’s worst fear…It may be time to rewire your house.

There are several tell-tale signs that your home may be in need of review by your friendly electrician and we have created a list of those signs so that you are ready to call your local electrician, rather than the nearest seance service, in the event your home is ready for rewiring.

Dim and Flicker

In older homes, there is a need to review your wiring on a regular basis every two or three years.  If however, you were not aware of this your house may indicate the need for some TLC of its own accord.  That slight shock when you turn on the light, that subtle flicker overhead or the sudden gloom in a dimly lit room are just a few of the indicators of electrical problems.

Shock value

The more obvious signs that it is time to call in an expert are the exposure of wiring around the home.

Power Tripping

No, we are not referring to politics but rather the tendency in older homes for the power circuits to cut out once overloaded.  As a child I recall a flustered parent’s mad scurry to the fuse box when one of several children pushed our ageing electrics too hard, with the addition of a hairdryer, use of the toaster all timed to match the washing machines final cycle.  In modern houses and those recently rewired to Australian Standards, your electrics are likely to be on several circuits and not suffer the overload issues of the past. If tripped fuses are common at your home or business it is time to consult residential electrical contractors.

Ambitious DIY

When you buy a home, an old home in particular, it’s easy to exceed your restoration budget and as a result feel tempted to cut some corners. You can do that with the painting or plastering; you might even cut some corners when it comes to landscaping and a few other outdoor chores. But when it comes to electricity you absolutely need a certified and qualified electrician to do all of your electrical work – no cutting corners where safety is concerned.


When buying an older home it pays to confirm when the house was last rewired and if there is no confirmation of this then consult a specialist to receive an electrical rewiring estimate prior to signing on the dotted line.  A review by a residential electrical contractor will indicate the age of the wiring and whether any work is needed to bring the house up to today’s safety standards, and could save a nasty jolt when you go to renovate your newly purchased old home.

David Jones – The Electrician are experts at rewiring homes and businesses and maintenance and repairs for all electrical systems and appliances. If you have a feeling that your wiring or appliances are sending the wrong signals, we have a 24 hour service to make sure you don’t have a holiday full of worry and sleepless nights. For a system and appliance check up, call or email.

With David Jones – The Electrician you’re in safe hands.

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