Spring is the best time to get your air conditioner serviced

September 19th, 2018

Don’t be fooled by the unpredictable weather: Out of nowhere the sun will start to shine and the heat will be on. Waiting until the temperature hits the 30s to discover that your air conditioning unit has some problems is leaving it too late. Spring is the best time to get your air conditioner serviced and ready for the summer ahead.

“When the weather is mild problems with your air conditioning unit probably won’t be obvious. Problems appear when the temperatures hit the 30s, just when you need your air conditioning the most.”  Matthew Seman – David Jones Air Conditioning repair and installation technician

We recommend arranging a service with our technician Matthew, before the Sydney heat has a chance to push your air con to its limits. If there are any problems, the chances are they’ll be minor, but if you ignore them, they might lead to much bigger problems and a new air conditioning unit.

Why is maintenance important

Filters get dirty or blocked and you don’t want your air conditioner spreading unpleasant air-particles or leaking excessive amounts of water. A buildup of dirt means that your unit is less able to absorb heat and it needs to work harder to cool the place down. Electrical issues can lead to a complete breakdown and blower motor problems can interfere with airflow. These are all issues that Matthew will pick up in a simple service.
For the sake of your family, friends, staff or customers, your air conditioning system requires a clean bill of health.

What if you need a replacement ?

We only recommend a replacement air conditioner when the one you have can’t be repaired or when the repairs will cost more than a new unit. Our air conditioning repair service operates in the same way as our appliance repairs division. If you would like us to, when we quote to repair, we can also provide a comparison quote for a replacement air conditioning unit closest to the one you have.

If it turns out that you do require a new air conditioning system or you’re looking to upgrade, we can make recommendations on what to buy and install it for you. We supply and install the most technologically advanced systems for energy and cost efficiency. Once installed, we offer a maintenance and service program to ensure your comfort all year round.

As we always say at David Jones – The Electrician (and the same applies to our air conditioning service): If you’re not sure about anything and you need a bit of guidance, give us a call and Matthew will happily point you in the right direction.

With David Jones Air Conditioning you’re in safe hands!

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