Spring Forward Fall Back 

March 31st, 2017

Smoke alarm

I’d better remind you now that the clocks go back an hour tonight because Daylight Saving is ending. 2am Sunday morning to be exact, just in case you’re still out clubbing, don’t ask me what that will do to the lockout laws Thank God I’ve given all that up.

I know that most of your clocks will do it all by themselves and some of you might wake up tomorrow morning thinking it’s 10 o’clock but your phone says 9 and you’ll wonder what exactly did I get up to last night? But don’t panic, just remember – DJ told me to change the batteries in the smoke alarms for Daylight Saving. The end of Daylight Savings is the NSW Fire Brigade’s adopted reminder time to change the batteries. Someone asked me today “do the clocks go forward or back and I know it’s a bit American but I’ve never forgotten the phrase “spring forward, fall back”…just in case Pauline Hansen is reading this…‘fall’ as in autumn….

It’s not hard. You’ll need some new 9V batteries and why not go that extra mile and get the ladder out – speaking of fall back, check out the joker on the ladder…..please don’t do what he’s doing…..we can help with difficult access.

Once upon a time the NSW fire brigade would change batteries for free in some circumstances but some poor firey got an electric shock from a 240v alarm so they banned it. Probably didn’t make much sense either to send a 150 thousand dollar fire truck with six fireys in it but I’m sure it broke the boredom for lots of little old ladies……and many others

But the law, countrywide, is that you must have a working smoke alarm in your home. Working means the battery is fresh and the device is less than 10 years old. Even if yours is hard wired, you need to change the back up 9V battery every year.

I know we say it every year, but it really is important. It’s a simple thing and you might think yeah, yeah, I’ve heard this before. It’s just that your nose won’t wake you up during a fire – even a big one like mine…. when we sleep our sense of smell shuts off and smoke from a housefire is toxic and can send you into an even deeper sleep.

If you have any trouble reaching or opening yours or want to ask us what sort of alarm you’ve got, give us a yell and we’ll happily help you out…..and you know what we say – you’re in safe hands with David Jones – The Electrician.

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