Smart Meter Saving Ideas

February 16th, 2017

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With energy companies hiking up rates and your air conditioner running a lot this summer, you might be feeling the sting when the power bill comes in. While the cost from provider to provider doesn’t change too much, there are still some steps you can take to reduce your energy use and get your bill down.

Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be helping the environment as well. Australia has been ranked as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Given that we are one of the closest continents to Antarctica, it’s in our best interest to keep those polar caps frozen. Here are our top smart meter saving ideas that will save your pocket and the planet where it counts.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Make the switch to LEDs. LEDs are much more affordable now than when the technology first came out. There is enough variety to choose from in terms of colours and incandescence, and you will be sure to find a style to compliment your home inside and out. An electrician will be able to assist with the best options for each room and ensure that your conversion is safe.

Set a Comfortable Temperature

To be comfortable inside you need a steady temperature setting between 18 and 20 degrees in winter and 24 to 26 degrees in summer. If you are not comfortable at these temperatures consider wearing adequate seasonal clothing such as multiple layers in winter and light clothes in summer. This will not only save on your energy bill, cut greenhouse emissions, and increase the life span of your system, but also improve your health as your immune system will be able to adapt more naturally as you move between inside and outside, reducing the likelihood and severity of winter colds.

Temperature Containment

If the energy you are using to heat or cool your home is leaking to the outside, your appliances will be working overtime and chewing extra power to continually keep your house at a steady temperature. Only heat or cool the rooms you need, shut doors to unoccupied rooms, and seal the bottom with a wind stopper. It’s also worthwhile checking the efficiency of your ceiling insulation as well as sealing any gaps or cracks in walls, window frames, or floors. Keep the blinds and curtains closed to stop heat leaking out or in through glass panes.

Energy Efficiency Ratings on Appliances

Buying cheaper whitegoods such as fridges, washers, or dishwashers in store might be really costing you now. When buying appliances always take the energy rating into consideration as part of the overall cost. The difference between an average appliance and an energy efficient one could be as much as $140 and 1,400 kilos of greenhouse gas over a year, depending on the age and rating of your machine. Keep your appliance energy efficiency up as it ages by checking for loose seals, leaks, and general wear and tear that will shorten its lifespan quickly as well as crank up the power usage.

Use Your Appliances Thoughtfully

Really consider the impact of having that extra drinks fridge running in the shed. This is a big cost as it is on 24-7 and requires a lot of power. Refrigerators operate best at 4-5 degrees while your freezer is best set at minus 15 to minus 18 degrees.  Also make sure your dishwasher is full before running it, and use the eco cycle wherever suitable. Even a small action like washing your clothes on cold cycle can save as much as $100 a year.

Install Timers

By installing timers on big power consumers such as pool pumps, freezers, outdoor lighting, and devices that can use standby power you will help reduce your power consumption on a daily basis, but still have access to electricity when you need it. By installing timers throughout your home you will not only save money, you will also make your home more energy efficient in the process.

Unplug and Switch Off

This is as simple as unplugging your toaster, phone charger, and laptop cable when not in use. Switching off unused power points at the wall is not only energy smart, it’s also safe.

Start From Scratch

If you are lucky enough to be building a new home then you will be able to do great work now that will set your home up for energy efficiency from day one. By optimising natural lighting and checking in with experts before you install your lights or appliances, you will be sure to have the right equipment and setting to match your desired lifestyle. The best way to see results is to compare energy bills and yearly consumption. If you receive your bills quarterly you may not notice a big difference from bill to bill but when you look at the savings year to year it can add up to thousands of dollars.

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