How to avoid, and what you should do during an electrical emergency at home

July 31st, 2019

dark home with electrical problem

We seem to say it in one way or another every month. We take the risks associated with home electricity for granted. Emergencies in the home are often due to faulty appliances and poor, or old wiring.

You need to have the number for your 24 hour emergency electricians in Sydney on speed dial if you haven’t had a licensed domestic electrician come to your home and do a thorough security check on your wiring and appliances.

Electrical shocks

We don’t think about electric shocks as we go about our business, but they are common occurrences and generally occur by way of neglect or ignorance.

  • Faulty appliances with worn or exposed cords are a genuine hazard. You may not have noticed that a cord has melted because it was located too closely to an open flame. Replace faulty appliances immediately.
  • Damaged or faulty extension cords may have been bitten through by a rodent or been in the way when something was moved. These are household realities that go unchecked. And don’t piggy back extension cords or leave extension cords outside. It’s a recipe for disaster
  • Yep, we’ll say it again. Faulty household wiring is a common cause of electrical shocks. Residential electrical contractors don’t say these things to drum up business – we know the risks and we see the damage. We can also advise you on electrical fire prevention.
  • Water and electricity are and always have been a bad combination. Together, they can lead to shocks. Keep electricity away from water and vice versa.

What to do in the case of an electrical emergency

The reality is that not everybody is trained in first aid. Therefore, in the case of an electric shock you should turn off the power at the powerpoint and the main switch. Do not touch the person because you will risk injury as well.  Call emergency services and keep the person quiet and comfortable.

Electrical fires

If a fire breaks out because you’ve stored flammables too close to a lightbulb (yep, it can be that simple), or from exposed and overloaded wiring you should call the fire brigade immediately. Do not use water on an electrical fire for obvious reasons; it will most likely exacerbate the problem.

When you are calling your licensed domestic electrician to have your wiring and appliances checked, the next call you make should be to a fire extinguisher company for an extinguisher specific to electrical fires. They will deliver it and train you on how to use it. They will also follow you up for maintenance calls.

David Jones – The Electrician service the Sydney metropolitan area. David and his team are experts at advising you on how you can safety proof your home from electricity related harm and fire.We can also instill a bit of good old fashioned common sense when it comes to handling electricity.

With David Jones – The Electrician, you’re in safe hands.

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