How do I install a USB Power Point Wall Charger?

February 16th, 2017

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It’s only a matter of time before hotels and cafés everywhere install USB power points for ease of customer use. A USB power point looks like a regular power outlet with the addition of USB charging points next to the power socket.

The new USB power point plate fits easily into existing power point plates, making it cheap for an electrician to install. Once in, any device, regardless of brand, connects by USB cable into the power socket for super-fast charging.

There is no need to wait for your local coffee shop to catch up, the USB power point technology is already available and easy to access in your own home.

There is nothing more frustrating than a dying device battery, unless it’s trying to locate an AC adapter in a hurry to charge it. Of course the adapter might be anywhere, plugged in behind the TV, in the bottom of a handbag, or left at work…for the weekend.

As technology advances and we become more dependent on devices to manage our busy lives, we find that managing those devices can get a little tricky. When you consider how many USB charging gadgets we have per household, it’s pretty staggering, especially when we need them all to be charged and ready to go when we are.

Everyone in the house has at least one phone, then add up the rest: tablets, smart watches, fitness bands, Go-Pros, bike computers, and you are quickly running out of plug space.


Just imagine how beneficial having a direct USB plug in your wall will be:
• No more fights over what’s plugged in where
• Free up space for other appliances
• No more carting AC adapters from room to room
• Clean, well organised workspaces
• No juggling and re-plugging a power board around bulky adapters
• Super fast charging. USB power points allow devices to charge at their maximum speeds
• Secure charging. USB power points have inbuilt surge protection, including amp and heat protection that AC adapters and mobile chargers can’t offer.
• Travel with the charger cable only.
• Go out with phone and cable only.
You may not want to have power points converted in every room of your house, a few well-chosen points will be adequate. Consider which rooms are most used, usually the kitchen, home office and bedroom are favoured choices.

You can buy the points online and at hardware stores, however, there are some very good reasons to get the job done professionally.

1. Approved product. While many imported products are available in Australia not all of them meet Australian standards. Installing a non-approved product is illegal, and dangerous. Your electrician will not only know what products are allowed, they also know which ones are most effective.

USB Power Point for Headphones

2. It is illegal in Australia to install any electrical plugs yourself. Even if you are happy with an inadequate power regulator that could burst into flames or electrocute you, you can be sure your health and home insurance policies won’t be picking up the tab.

3. Inadequate power supply. Do it yourself and you will only be changing the façade. A qualified electrician will be able to make sure the transformer power load is acceptable. Otherwise you will only be able to charge one device at a time or the charging speed might be really slow.

4. More choice. Wider range of switch plate colours and styles that suit your décor. Additional options to create new points that declutter, increase safety, and streamline your bench space.

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