Five Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Repairs

September 06th, 2018

Safe home maintained by Sydney electricians

Electrical failure is number two on the NSW Fire and Rescue list of most common causes of house fires. If electrical equipment, appliances and wiring were checked, maintained and when necessary repaired or replaced, many house fires would be prevented.

There are things to look out for that are indications that there may be problems with your home’s wiring or appliances. Here are five things to look out for. If you notice any of these problems in your home then it’s important to have a specialist in residential electrical services assess your wiring and appliances.

Light Bulbs and Lights That Flicker

If light bulbs are blowing regularly or if some of your globes are bright and others are dull, you could have a deteriorating or problematic electrical system. Lights might flicker if you share a circuit with an appliance. In old systems the flickering starts when the appliance is turned on. If this is happening, it’s not a good sign. Home electricians in Sydney and major centres realise this is problematic and will respond quickly to these types of electrical issues. They should be contacted immediately to make prompt electrical repairs if light bulbs are blowing, flickering or have a variable light output.

Switches And Outlets That Won’t Work

Wires can come loose for any number of reasons resulting in a switch or outlet that won’t work. If you have a switch or outlet that isn’t working, contact your electrician, it’s not a good sign.

Loose Electrical Outlets

If you’re plugging an appliance into an outlet and the plug seems loose then the outlet might be worn out and require replacing. These are maintenance issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

Strange Smells

Just like loose outlets, burning or electrical smells should never be ignored. You might even see a spark. Contact an electrician if you see any of these problems. It could be that your wiring is overheating which is a common cause of fire.

David Jones – The Electrician are experts at maintenance and repairs for all electrical systems and appliances. If you have a feeling that your wiring or appliances are sending the wrong signals, we have a 24 hour service to make sure you don’t have a sleepless night. For a system and appliance check up, call or email.

With David Jones – The Electrician you’re in safe hands.

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