Electrical Wiring and Maintenance in Sydney: Vulcanised Indian Rubber

March 28th, 2018


As our knowledge of best practice in electrical wiring in Sydney has evolved over time, we have continuously updated notions of safe practice. The methods of yesteryear are no longer in play, as experience has shown us the way to a more reliable electrical supply. Today, you can expect a far safer source of electricity for your home, compared to decades earlier.

However, residents have not done a uniform job of updating their components. Many homes are still burdened with outdated equipment, and in some cases, it may have deteriorated to the point that it has become dangerous. Proper electrical maintenance in Sydney is vital for all homes, to ensure the safety of all residents and of your investment, and this series aims to highlight some electrical componentry that is best left in the past.

VIR – Vulcanised Indian Rubber

Indian rubber cables were used in Australia from the turn of the last century to the 1950s. This electrical wiring is insulated by cotton, it’s still found in many homes in Sydney, and poses a credible threat of both an electrical fire and electrocution.

Cloth covered cable is always enclosed in a metal conduit which should be earthed, but often isn’t – which is a whole other problem. The main threat from VIR wiring is related to the insulation, which does not age well – in fact, in many cases, it has been found to have simply crumbled away, leaving live conductors exposed in walls and roof cavities. Even relatively healthy VIR doesn’t handle well, and reconnecting the ends or carrying out alterations can expose the conductor underneath, not to mention the fact that it rarely contains an earth wire for earthing metal light fittings.

If you are aware of this wiring in your home, or suspect it, rewiring your electrical system must be made a high priority. Done by a licensed electrician, it is a quick method of greatly reducing your odds of an electrical fire or accidental electrocution. It is worth noting, as well, that often the power point wiring has been replaced but the lighting circuit has not, as it is often neglected or forgotten about. It is well worth asking your electrician about such concerns.

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