Efficient Air Conditioning with your Sydney Electrician

February 19th, 2018

home air conditioning

Air conditioning is a huge aid to households in New South Wales. In the summer months, the temperatures can rise to nigh-unbearable levels, causing difficulties for sleepers, and encouraging lethargic energy levels among the occupants. By regulating the temperature to something more bearable, the summer months are considerably easier to tolerate.

But in this current era of energy costs, even the most efficient air conditioning unit can create a solid hike to your energy bill. For those of us on a budget, it can be a meaningful difference. How best can we run our air conditioners without running up a massive bill?

Close it Down
By shutting all doors and windows, you can prevent the warm air from outside from mixing with that being produced by your AC. Your home will cool faster, as a result.

Limit the Area
If possible, try to limit the area you’re trying to cool. Rather than trying to cool an entire home, limit it to the bedrooms, or perhaps the living areas downstairs.

Use your Fans
Using your ceiling and portable fans along with your air conditioner encourages the cold air to spread throughout the home more quickly.

Make Use of your Timers
Rather than running the AC throughout the day, you can often program it to run only at prescribed hours. Leave it off during the hottest times of the day, which is typically when you are at work or school.

Ventilate your Roof Space
Because hot air rises, your roof void can often trap some very hot air underneath the shingles. This radiates down through the ceiling, and can make the upstairs sleeping areas very uncomfortable. Install ventilators for your roof void to allow this air to dissipate, and your home will cool more easily.

Air conditioners can make an enormous difference to your level of comfort, and using them properly can keep your budget in check. As your Sydney electricians, we can install a unit that your family will love. Contact David Jones – The Electrician today for premium electrical services throughout Sydney!

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