Effective Ways to Lower Your Small Business’ Electricity Bill

October 09th, 2018

Commercial Electricians for your small business

If small business owners had ways to reduce the average electricity bill for small business then it would have a definite impact on their bottom line. It could contribute to the wages of a new employee, put another vehicle on the road or it could be reinvested in stock, technology or other efficiencies.

And while our energy providers may not be the flavour of the month, they are coming up with ways to trim our spending and to use energy more efficiently.

Many energy suppliers offer a free energy audit but it could be that we’ve got a bit too cynical to take them up on it. Don’t be cynical, be sensible – if they are offering a free service (yes that’s a free service), then make the most of it. They might identify a saving that makes all the difference. When your audit is complete, contact David Jones – The Electrician, your local commercial electricians, and they’ll take you through all of the recommendations made by the audit and install them for you.

If you are still buying the old 60 watt bulbs that burn out after about 10 hours of use then simply change your purchasing habits. The new 18 watt energy efficient bulbs will save you about $1.30 per month per bulb – multiply that out over 12 months and you could be making some pretty significant savings.

Reducing the use of paper in your business reduces the need to print and all of its associated costs like ink, paper of course and the power to run your printer.

If you run air conditioning in your business and of course you do because you operate in Sydney and it’s a subtropical climate, then you should install a programmable thermostat. It costs a fortune to run an air conditioning unit when there’s nobody about to cool or warm as the case may be. Only have your air conditioning running when it’s needed. A thermostat will program your system to commence before you arrive and cut off when you leave. You’ll start saving after a night or two. Contact your  commercial electrical contractors in Sydney and they could have one installed in no time.

When you shut up shop for the evening how much of your equipment is left on when it could be turned off. Do you turn off the power to the kettle; the coffee machine; lights; stereo system and desk lamps not to mention machinery, plant and equipment? Build these habits into your routine and save. If you forget the small items like the kettle and coffee machine put them all on the same powerboard so there’s only one switch to flick. Those small but essential little items are power guzzlers so keep an eye on them.

As for computers, non- essential computers can be shut down to save money. Program your computers to turn off automatically or use hibernate mode to reduce the chances of lost work due to an unexpected power surge or outage.

Many many items including machinery and other equipment have energy efficient contingencies built into them. They cost a bit more initially but in a short period of time they pay for themselves and over the long term you save substantial amounts of money. Think about economies of scale. If a more energy efficient option is available, think about how that piece of equipment can be used for multiple functions in your business.

Businesses like homes, use substantial amounts of energy because the air that’s being heated or cooled is letting in air from the outside. Seal your premises from drafts and your air conditioning won’t need to work overtime to keep you comfortable.

Finally but very importantly, look into tax breaks that might reward your energy efficiency. In 2007, many of the states provided tax breaks to big businesses for their energy saving initiatives. Research the regulations in your state; you may find you are either entitled to some tax relief or you can implement something in your business that could qualify you for tax relief in the future.

One or more of these efficiencies could provide you with some genuine savings; most or all of these suggestions could make a really genuine shift in the fortunes of your small business if applied.

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